Pemberton & Grant

Pemberton & Grant


The American Civil War Vicksburg Campaign of 1863 using The Blue & Gray Campaign Series rules by Worthington. Volume IV in the series.

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VOLUME IV in Worthington’s BLUE & GRAY Series of fast playing American Civil War Campaign Games.  This game is being printed in the USA so we will be able to ship this quickly to backers.  Designed by Sean Chick, PEMBERTON & GRANT allows gamers to refight the decisive Vicksburg Campaign in under 2 hours.

The game comes with a 22″ x 17” hard mounted game board, blocks, labels, series rules, campaign specific rules, battle board, and dice. The game is playable in 2 hours or under.  The first of the Blue & Gray Campaign Series playable by 3 players with one player being Union General Grant.  The other two players as Confederate Generals Pemberton & Johnston (comes in as reinforcement).

Read the Series Game Rules Here

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