War Along the Gulf Coast (Ships in August)

War Along the Gulf Coast (Ships in August)

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Volume 2 of 3 in the War of 1812 Campaign Series. For 2 players. Plays in 1 to 2 hours.

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War Along the Gulf Coast allows gamers to refight Andrew Jackson's campaign against British General Pakenham's British invaders. The game uses the proven Blue & Gray combat system where morale is as important as the number of soldiers. You are limited in how many units you may move based on the number of action points you receive, plus a random number of action points based on your commander. This means no two games will play alike. Movement is location to location. When the two armies end a move in the same location a battle occurs and the action moves to the battle board.

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It is late 1814 and peace commissioners are looking for an advantage to end the War of 1812 on the best terms. British leadership chose Pensacola, Mobile and New Orleans as the places to occupy to impose its terms and maybe annex the southern United States. Plus, British naval commanders had set their sights on New Orleans bustling warehouses are ripe prizes.

Detaching veteran divisions from Wellington’s army fighting in Europe, Britain sends it best against the backwoods men defending the American Gulf Coast. Led by Wellington’s chief of staff and brother-in-law, General Sir Edward Pakenham, they attack Mobile and occupy Pensacola in an effort to bring Indian and Spanish support for the main effort against New Orleans.

General Andrew Jackson counters the British moves by quickly reinforcing the forts defending Mobile and boldly attacking the Spanish and British forces in Pensacola. The British, using their navy to navigate the bayous, land in the swamps 8 miles behind New Orleans in a brilliant surprise move. General Jackson, attacks them immediately countering the surprise. Both sides entrench and bring in reinforcements to begin the famous Battle of New Orleans. Now you are in Command…


  • American and British Dragoons are used for scouting and delaying but cannot battle.

  • American and British Artillery packs a wallop but is difficult to get into battles.

  • Entrenchments can be built by units for better defense.

  • Americans have the sloop Carolina parked in the Mississippi with its cannon helping defend New Orleans.

  • Lafitte's Pirate gunners in the line are accurate and deadly.

  • New Orleans colorful militia can be called up to help defend the city.

  • Highlanders and West Indies infantry are new additions to the British forces.


  • Artillery cost 2 Command Action Points (CAP) to move. During the campaign the swampy ground made it very difficult to move heavy artillery pieces into battle.

  • Dragoons can scout units in a location.

  • New Orleans militia are plentiful but can not move far from the city.

  • Units that remain in place can spend CAP for entrenchments that help them defend better and improves morale.

  • Sloops defending the Mississippi can help add firepower along the river.