Antietam 1862 (Ships in October 2019)

Antietam 1862 (Ships in October 2019)

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Refight the battle of Antietam in this classic hex and counter wargame that plays in 3 to 5 hours. Includes 3 scenarios and main battle scenarios.

*Pick the SOUTH MOUNTAIN EXPANSION for $20 additional. Receive a 22” x 22” map and rules for using the counters from Antietam 1862 to fight the battle before the battle.

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What does that mean to you? ANTIETAM 1862 is Volume I in Worthingtons Civil War Brigade Battle Series. With streamlined mechanics the series rules, and battle specific rules, gamers can refight the Battle of Antietam in 3 to 5 hours .   

Brigade Level Detail

Each infantry and cavalry piece is a brigade with each strength point 100 men, color boxes surrounding the strength show morale of green, veteran, or crack.  Each artillery piece strength point represents 2 cannon. 

Large Game Map

HARD MOUNTED! Historically detailed game board at 250 yards per hex.

4 Counter Sheets

Based on extensive research of the order of battle, the counters accurately reflect the armies of North and South.  

This game will provide countless replays and hours of enjoyment to history buffs trying to see if they can recreate, or change history. 

Sample Game Board
Outnumbered at almost 2 to 1, can the Confederate player hold back the Union army. With their back to the Potomac, a victory here could successfully end the American Civil War for Robert E. Lee and the Confederate army.

The Confederate legions have marched north looking for a fight, and now they have one...


Add the BATTLE OF SOUTH MOUNTAIN EXPANSION for an additional $20. Comes with 22” x 22” map and rules for use with ANTIETAM 1862 counters.