Hold the Line: The American Revolution Remastered

Hold the Line: The American Revolution Remastered


Hold the Line, The American Revolution is an innovative collaboration between Worthington Publishing and The Plastic Soldier Company/PSC Games to reproduce and remaster some of Worthington Games original titles. Combining CLASH FOR A CONTINENT, the original HOLD THE LINE, plus new original scenarios into one comprehensive Revolutionary War game, Hold the Line, The American Revolution will take players from the towns of Lexington and Concord to the shores of Yorktown. Using 200 beautifully sculpted 20mm (1/72nd scale) miniature figures moulded in robust semi-hard plastic, off the sprue and ready to play from the box (apart from putting the wheels on the cannons!) representing American and British Infantry, Dragoons, Leaders, Flag Bearers, Artillery and Militia; players will be able to refight over 30 battles of the American Revolution.

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Hold the Line Remastered Edition uses a popular proven system that showcases tactical battles of the American Revolution. Battles can be played in about an hour providing ample time for multiple games during an evening.

The remastered edition has all new game pieces, board, tiles, art and scenarios as follows:

All new game pieces of Plastic sculpted soldiers!

New Scenarios!

  1. Lexington, Quebec, Stony Point, Savannah, Bennington, Hubbardton, Musgroves Mill, Great Bridge, Moore’s Creek, Newport, PLUS revised scenarios from Clash for a Continent of Bunker Hill, Birmingham Hill, Freeman’s Farm, Germantown, Camden, Cowpens, Guilford C.H., and Greensprings.  A total of 18 New Scenarios. 
  2. Plus all 13 scenarios from the original Hold the Line; Long Island, Harlem Heights, White Plains, Trenton, Brandywine, Bemis Heights, Monmouth Morning and Afternoon, Kings Mountain, Weitzel’s Mill, Hobkirk’s Hill, Eutaw Springs, and Trenton.
  3. Over 30 Scenarios in all!
  4. New Art!
  5. Colorful flags for game units!
  6. New hard mounted game board!
  7. New updated terrain tiles!

Custom Plastic Pieces

The game includes 200 custom plastic figures in seven different unique sculpts. Each player will command 44 Infantry, 20 Militia, 20 Flag Bearers, 8 Artillery, 6 Dragoons, and 2 Leaders. British and American Infantry each have distinctly different sculpts to enhance your experience within the game. These are very large 20mm (1/72nd scale) miniature figures.  They have been designed to have large stable bases for game play.  All figures arrive individual and bagged.  There are no plastic trees and sprues. These sculpts are work in progress and actual production miniatures may differ slightly.



Game Board

Build each campaign using the new terrain tiles with updated artwork comprising of 2 full sheets of terrain tiles. The new hard-mounted game board is larger to accommodate the larger plastic pieces. Each box also has a tray, dice, scenario book, and rule book.