Holdfast Eastfront

Holdfast Eastfront


“When Barbarossa commences, the world will hold its breath and make no comment.” – Adolf Hitler.

Now you get the chance to refight the greatest campaign in history as you direct the armies of Germany and Russia from 1941 to the bitter end of World War II.  Using blocks with labels as the military units you will maneuver your forces to best destroy those of the enemy.

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As the German player you must push rapidly east trying to capture the key cities of Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad, not only fighting the Russian army but the winter as well.  And as the Russian player you must withstand the German sledgehammer attacks as you trade ground for time, marshalling your forces for the counterattack that will drive the enemy backwards.

Russia ended up winning but history did not have to end like this, can you do better?

HOLDFAST EASTFRONT 1941 – 1945 will come with a large hard mounted game map.

In 2012 we printed the first game under Worthington Publishing.  It was Volume I in the World War II Campaign Series, HOLDFAST RUSSIA 1941-1942.   We sold out of HOLDFAST RUSSIA 1941-42 last year and have had calls for a reprint ever since. Well rather than just reprint we decided to remaster the game with a larger hard mounted game board and expand the game to cover the entire war in the east.

Volume V in the World War II Campaign Series, HOLDFAST: EASTFRONT 1941-1945.  The game has been extended to 1945.  The board has been expanded to push out to Berlin.

New units that appear later in the war are included such as Russian Air, and SS units.

The remastered edition will include the original game that ends in 1942 and a game that covers the whole war; To Moscow and Back 1941-1945. It also has 3 additional scenarios:

  1. Fall Blau and beyond 1942-1945
  2. Kursk 1943-1945
  3. The destruction of Army Group Center 1944-1945.

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